Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Our Writing Couplets

Line 1:

After playing with fertilizer
Always use hand sanitizer

Line 2:

Always use your brain
Or else it will rain

Line 3:
Our teacher is Mr Marks
And another one Mr Bark’s

Line 4:
I like to play with cow’s
Because they go meeoooo

Line 5:

Everyones likes Farming
Even when their driving

Line 6:
I like to play
When i have clay

Lizara and I have been working on these during our class time

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Cause and Effect Chart

Cause and Effect Chart
Instructions: As you read, list causes (the things being done) in the left column and their effects (what happens as a result of what is being done) in the right column.
Topic:  Farming and its effect on the environment.


The plants can’t grow.

They cut down trees
They want more paddocks to put more cows in and make more milk and sell it to make money

Farmers drain the water in some lands
they do this because they need dry land to make more crops and also more money if they sell it

Soil Erosion

It is an ongoing concern because we lose heaps of soil

makes pollution