Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Andrew Patterson - High School Preparation talk

After morning tea we came in and then sat in the street. I started looking around as Ms Clark said that we were having a special guest speak to us. I heard the door open and then saw a tall body walk through the door with Mrs Nua. It was our old friend Mr Andrew Patterson. He came to talk to us about college as this is our last year at intermediate. He set up his computer and started talking to us about a famous rugby player who had recently passed away. Jonah Lomu. He said that he used to live next door to his radio station so he saw him alot.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Maasai Tribe

This is our Maasai tribe presentation. We are learining about the Maasai tribe who are located in East Africa. We are still working on it but we will still updating.

Yanomami INquiry

This is my Inquiry presentation. I created this with Shelford. It is about a tribe that lives in Venezuala and is called the Yanomami. Throughtout this presentation I learnt so many new things auch as why they were less clothes, what they eat and many more. I really enjoyed reasearching this tribe. It was such a fun expericence.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Poem : Darkness of Life

Our poem is about a family in darkness and poverty. They live in this abandoned home and fight for their survival. They have had to adapt to this awful lifestyle. 

Darkness of Life

Shattered glass across the floor
No one dares to open the door
Roof leaking
Drip drop drip drop
All you see is the mirror flop
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
All you see is the darkness thrive

The beds a mess
Nowhere to rest
Curtains closed almost there
Coldness seems to disappear
Warmness wraps the room like a teddy bear

With a life like there's
No one would dare
To even care
About this poor family in rags and rain
So help me now because there life is like a horror  
they need some means to fix their error

Our poem is about a family in darkness and poverty. They live in this abandoned home and fight for their survival. They have had to adapt to this awful lifestyle.

Monday, 30 November 2015

Extension Reflection

Extension Reflection 

Highlight of Extension for 2015:
1. The fact that I could make new friends through Extension. 
2. I could collaborate with others. 
3. All the fun trips to Tiritiri Matangi Island, Malama Honua visit at the Maritime museum, Google for Education summit in Hobsonville. 
4. The chance to extend my learning. 
5. The 20hr Famine that the extension took part in. 
6. All the google hangouts we did with Hawaii and South Africa + the Malama Honua Crew. 

Lowlights of Extension for 2015:
1. I didn't complete my tasks as well as I could have. 
2. We had to come to Extension on Monday which means that we had less time for our class Literacy. 

Apart from the lowlights, Extension 2015 was so amazing. I loved it. Huge Thankyou to Mrs Lagitupu for being an amazing extension teacher. 

Paige & Ariana Bioengineering extension

This is a presentation that I created with Ariana for our extension project. It talks about Bioengineering

We hope you enjoy

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Amazing Race

Amazing race 2015  

“I wonder what we are doing after morning tea?” I said to myself dreamly. 1“RING RING RING” went the bell interrupting my thought. I shook my head as if I had just woken up from a deep sleep. I walked happily to Room 3 as I wanted find out what fun things we were doing this afternoon. I arrived at my class bay, seeing everyone sitting in two straight lines. I scattered into the girls line as Ms Misela was coming. I just got in the line and in a knick of time to. Ms Misela stood in front of us and we stood up knowing that he was waiting for us to stand up. We followed her inside in a two single file lines.

I jumped inside the class with enthusiasm as it was blazing hot outside and the class was nice and cool. I felt like I was in a cooler. I moved along as people were behind me. I sat on the mat, waiting patiently. Mrs Tele’a then told us that we had to get our P.E. gear on as some activities of our fun time may get a bit messy. I slowly walked to by bag to grab my fitness gear. I was thinking about what we may be doing. While thinking I wasn’t looking at where I was going leaving me to stub my toe on the table pole. My thoughts were interrupted again.

I continued on my way to get my P.E. gear. I grabbed my P.E. gear and went to the changing/green screen room. I threw on my gear and was out of the room in a flash. I made my way back to Room 3 and sat on the mat silently. The rest of the class came in and Ms Misela wrote on the whiteboard that we were doing an amazing race. I was so excited. She also wrote our teams up. I was in a team with Ariana, Melenoa, Taunese, April and Brooklyn.  I was so happy. Once everyone had found out their teams, each team received a pamphlet which had a sheet which had the activities and our team members.

Everyone then moved into the street where Mrs Tele’a would explain exactly what we were doing.  Class 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 were gathered in the street which was so stuffy and Mrs Tele’a announced that we were doing an amazing race. “YAHHHHHH” the senior block yelled.  Once the place was quiet Mrs Tele’a began to explain what we were doing. She included the station names. They were Photobooth which was placed in the street, Brainbusters in Room 1 & 2, Cookie face in the walkway, Pea pipes on the hard court and Fear factor in the breeze.

Everyone set off to their first stations. My group was in Brainbusters with Ms Fuamoto. We had 5 sheets of brain buster problems and we had to find the answer within 10 minutes. At the end of the given time my team came away with a win. We were so glad. We then realised that we had to move on to our next activity which was Photobooth with Mrs Tele’a. We walked silently as we wanted to earn more points for our arrival. We earned 20 points for our arrival. SCORE. We saw that the street had 4 other little sections. A boxing station, hats station, tutu station, and green screen props. I really wanted the hat station as I could really be creative with hats. “ Paige your group can be in the hat station”. “Thank you Mrs Tele’a”. I said happily. I darted over to the hat station as I wanted to get a headstart.  We grabbed an Ipad from the table and started taking photos. Our photos were so cool.  We finished our photos and came away with another win.

“Cookie face here we come” I said excitedly to the group. We raced over to the walkway where the activity was being held. We arrived and sat down. Mrs Flavelle demonstrated what we had to do. We all had heaps of fun trying to get a cookie from our forehead into our mouths. We finished  so quickly. The results were in and Room 4 came first. It didn’t matter that we didn’t win because it was really fun.

We headed off to Pea pipes which was right next to our last activity. We were told to sit behind a desk so we did that. We saw from the demonstration that we had to get a straw and inhale a pea from the white plastic bow and take it to the other side where another bowl for your team would be. I loved this activity as it was really funny especially when I would inhale a pea through the straw and then ran to the other bowl but my pea would fall out before I could make it. “ 3, 2, 1 and done. Time to pack up”. yelled Mrs Hockley. We all packed up and went back to class as it was home time. “ Thank you teachers” yelled all the students. “ Good bye have a great evening everyone” said Mrs Tele’a.

This was an amazing experience. I loved playing with my girls. They were so fun. we may not have won but this helped us come closer.