Friday, 20 March 2015


For the first time in Pt England School history a whole team of Yr 7 and 8s went to the 2015 Polyfest in Manukau. Everyone packed into 4 buses and went off to the 2015 Polyfest.

As we arrived at the main entrance, a lady in a neon pink top guided the bus into the bus area. We hopped off the bus and lined up in front of Mrs Tele'a. Once everyone lined up we made our way to the main gate. A guy that was in a vibrant orange top welcomed us through the gate.

Everyone settled in front of a bright yellow tent which said ASB on the top of it. There was about another 4 intermediate schools. A lady named Mele ( who was the school organiser for Polyfest) gave the teachers a paper with a sequence of numbers which stood for each activity you are going to.

One of my favourite activities was the AUT station. I really liked it because it was exciting and the technology that they used was so cool.

My second favourite was the Maori stage. I really liked it because I saw what it was like to be filled with excitement.

My last favourite was seeing John Key. He came and talked to us for a few minutes. It was really cool.

I can't wait for POLYFEST 2016!!!!!!! YAY

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