Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Maths Presentation

This is a maths presentation that realtes to money. This presentation helped me to realise that sometimes you need to work out what it is not just guessing because you can't be bothered to work it out. Please leave a positive comment about his presentation.

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Money is one of the worlds most commonly used things. In different countries they have national currencies. As many people know New Zealand's currency is called the NZ dollar. All of my friends get money and spend it way too fast, but when I get money I save it. This is an explanation that is going to tell you how I obtain and save my money.

There are countless ways to acquire money like working, selling belongings, receiving money from parents and also on special occasions. I gain money by doing chores around the house, on my birthday and at Christmas time. On rare occasions I umpire at the AMI netball courts for $10 a game. I also get money by doing performances for family. Last week I catered with Ms Muliaumaseali’i for a 2 week holiday workshop at Te Oro. She paid me $30.
Additionally I get money from my mum and my dad just because I’m awesome.

As you probably got from my introduction I like to save my money. Right now I am working on saving up for a massive panda that is the size of me! I am saving up for this panda because I LOVE pandas. They are my best loved animal in the whole entire world. This giant panda cost $140 dollars. My goal is to have the money before my birthday.

If I had to change my process with the way I get and spend money I would change the fact that I would save all my money. My parents think that I should stop saving all my money and treat myself to something.

After reading this explanation think about what you might do if you were given 100 dollars and your family was starving,but you had your eye on a new pair of Nike sneakers. What would you do?

Leave a comment about what you would do.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Recap Presentation

This is a recap presentation that is about Fractions Decimals and Percentages. All the things in here are things that we learnt last term.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mondays Immersion Assembly

Yesterday was the first day of Term 3. Every term on the first day we have an immersion assembly. This is because we don't have any idea what our team is learnign about. Each team gets together over the holidays and plans something that they are going to show on the first day of term. Our school wide topics is Trade and Enterprise. All around the school students are learning about business and money. One team is learning about Ice-Cream.

When everybody walked in Mr Burt started auctioning things ike rugby balls, chocolate and even Simba from Lion King. Once every class was in the hall Mr Burt invited Mary to do a karakia for the term. Team 1 was the first team to show there focus for the term. They made a movie that shows them going to the market and buying mant mant things. I then knew that the focus for them was money and markets.  Click HERE

Team 2, 3, 4, did there presentation and then Team 5 showed what they had.

Team 5 was so different from the other teams. The other teams had movies to show but Team 5 did a little play. It was about Mr Wiseman being Financially Responsible. This means that you are responsible with the money that you have. You also look after your family not just physically but financially.

The Team that i liked the best was Team 5 because they were creative with what they did.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

2nd Pourquoi Story - Why Leopards have spots

Why Leopards have spots.

Once upon a time there lived an artist with the passion for animals. This artist knew that he wanted to be an artist from the day his dad took him to an art show. The name of this artist was Segers spotsndots. One day he was out looking for something to inspire him. He came across aan golden animal with eyes as bright as the sun. He stopped and sat down. He took out a camera from his pouch and quickly snapped a photo. Just then the animal darted away.

The artist went back and looked on the internet at animals trying to see which animal it was. He then saw that it was called a leopard. He looked at the picture that he took of the Leopard and he noticed that the animal looked plain and boring. The artist stared and stared at the majestic looking Leopard for hours until he decided that he would design something that would make this Leopard look even better.

He designed many many pieces of art but all the design that he made weren’t right for this breathtaking Leopard. After a few more hours he got super resentful and started flicking the brush at a canvas and then he noticed that he had created a perfect design for the golden animal. He stayed up all night figuring out how to put this artwork on the Leopards. As the clock was going on to 12:49 he suddenly thought of it.

He stated that he would make a freeze ray that would only freeze the worlds entire population of Leopards. He worked for days non stop thinking of ways to build this ray. Then... an plan struck him. He got working straight away. He gathered so many things that his house looked like a garage sale inside of a garage sale.  The next day he smiled in joy as he had finished his freeze ray. That very moment a leopard was walking past. Segers pushed a button and the leopard froze. All the leopards froze.

He switched some things around so that his freeze ray would also print spots onto every single leopard in the world. he pushed more button, in a pattern. The ray made funny noises BEEP, BAP, BOP, BA. The leopard that was prancing by disappeared for a few seconds and then appeared again but this time the animal had spots.

Til this very day Leopards have been known for their spots and  their bright eyes.

Friday, 3 July 2015

My Term 2 Reflection

My Term 2 Reflection.

This term has been so awesome. I have had so many cool opportunities like getting to ride on the Hikianalia while sailing into the Pt England shores, going to Tiritiri Matangi Island as part of an extension trip and also being apart of NEsian Fusion as an technical person.

Things that I am looking forward to do in Term 3 ...
Meeting again with my friends.
Getting more opportunities.
Helping produce Nesian Fusion Theatre Production.
The school production.

Most kids would love to on holiday earlier but not me. My holiday is learning at being at school.

Things that I am really happy about....
I got 10/ 10 on my reading test which means I get no more reading tests for yr 8.
I made so many new friends.
I am in the best class which is Room 3 with Mrs Tele’a.

I can’t wait for term 3. I hope it is even more awesome than term 2.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry Expedition

Today we had the opportunity to show off how much work we have done in the past few weeks. Our inquiry focus question was "How can we make it better". For this task each class went around the school in inquiry groups and look for something that we could make better or make for the school. 

My group was Mele and Brooklyn. Our group name was the Dynamic Trio. The problem that we saw was that the flags that were in the breeze looked really old and yuck. So we came up with a few main ideas that we could do also thinking about the cost. Some of these ideas were...
1. Taking them off and putting new ones - The new flags will just get ruined and the cost was high. 
2. Take them off and leave them blank - It would look more boring. 
3. Take them off and put the PT ENGLAND across it - YAY!

The last idea that we came up with was the one that we wanted to do and also wasn't high in cost. Once we had our plan and talked to Mrs Tele'a about it we started designing what it may look like. Our artist, Mele came up with the idea to bubble write the letters, half them and at the halfway mark put zigzags which will show that we would color it differently.

 Once we had got the papers we had started doing the letters. Since there were three of us we decided that one would draw (Mele), one would color (Brooklyn) and the last one would cut the letters out (Paige) because we would put them on a bigger piece of paper. 

We had color cut and pasted our work and then we had to set up our display for the expedition. We set up in the middle so that people would come to us more. We had to have two long tables because our work was too long for just one. 

A few of the problems we had today were...
1. That some kids didn't listen because they were either talking or wondering off. 
2. Some kids tried to rip the work. 

Some things that we thought were awesome were...
1. Most of the kids were polite. 
2. The tour guides were helpful by keeping the kids interested. 
3. The kids agreed with what we were doing. 
4. We had fun!!!!

At the end we packed up and went back to class. I can't wait for the morning when we do it again for the middle school students. 

P.S. Thanks to all the teachers that supported and helped with the expo. We really appreciated your support. B)

Tamaki College Talk Back

Today we had some of the former year 8 students come to us to tell us about Tamaki College.  They came with one of the deputy principals, Ms Moa.  Ms Moa asked the students some questions about what we could find and do at Tamaki College. There were many things that we could do and get involved in like Polyfest, sports teams, cultural group etc... They also gave us a chance to ask questions for our benefits.

I think that this talk really helped me as I am still trying to figure out which college I am going to go to.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Paige and Alizhay Measurment

This is a presentation that Mrs Tele'a made for the class to do in partners. My partner was Alizhay. It is all about the area and the perimeter of shapes.