Friday, 3 July 2015

My Term 2 Reflection

My Term 2 Reflection.

This term has been so awesome. I have had so many cool opportunities like getting to ride on the Hikianalia while sailing into the Pt England shores, going to Tiritiri Matangi Island as part of an extension trip and also being apart of NEsian Fusion as an technical person.

Things that I am looking forward to do in Term 3 ...
Meeting again with my friends.
Getting more opportunities.
Helping produce Nesian Fusion Theatre Production.
The school production.

Most kids would love to on holiday earlier but not me. My holiday is learning at being at school.

Things that I am really happy about....
I got 10/ 10 on my reading test which means I get no more reading tests for yr 8.
I made so many new friends.
I am in the best class which is Room 3 with Mrs Tele’a.

I can’t wait for term 3. I hope it is even more awesome than term 2.

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