Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Mondays Immersion Assembly

Yesterday was the first day of Term 3. Every term on the first day we have an immersion assembly. This is because we don't have any idea what our team is learnign about. Each team gets together over the holidays and plans something that they are going to show on the first day of term. Our school wide topics is Trade and Enterprise. All around the school students are learning about business and money. One team is learning about Ice-Cream.

When everybody walked in Mr Burt started auctioning things ike rugby balls, chocolate and even Simba from Lion King. Once every class was in the hall Mr Burt invited Mary to do a karakia for the term. Team 1 was the first team to show there focus for the term. They made a movie that shows them going to the market and buying mant mant things. I then knew that the focus for them was money and markets.  Click HERE

Team 2, 3, 4, did there presentation and then Team 5 showed what they had.

Team 5 was so different from the other teams. The other teams had movies to show but Team 5 did a little play. It was about Mr Wiseman being Financially Responsible. This means that you are responsible with the money that you have. You also look after your family not just physically but financially.

The Team that i liked the best was Team 5 because they were creative with what they did.

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