Saturday, 25 July 2015


Money is one of the worlds most commonly used things. In different countries they have national currencies. As many people know New Zealand's currency is called the NZ dollar. All of my friends get money and spend it way too fast, but when I get money I save it. This is an explanation that is going to tell you how I obtain and save my money.

There are countless ways to acquire money like working, selling belongings, receiving money from parents and also on special occasions. I gain money by doing chores around the house, on my birthday and at Christmas time. On rare occasions I umpire at the AMI netball courts for $10 a game. I also get money by doing performances for family. Last week I catered with Ms Muliaumaseali’i for a 2 week holiday workshop at Te Oro. She paid me $30.
Additionally I get money from my mum and my dad just because I’m awesome.

As you probably got from my introduction I like to save my money. Right now I am working on saving up for a massive panda that is the size of me! I am saving up for this panda because I LOVE pandas. They are my best loved animal in the whole entire world. This giant panda cost $140 dollars. My goal is to have the money before my birthday.

If I had to change my process with the way I get and spend money I would change the fact that I would save all my money. My parents think that I should stop saving all my money and treat myself to something.

After reading this explanation think about what you might do if you were given 100 dollars and your family was starving,but you had your eye on a new pair of Nike sneakers. What would you do?

Leave a comment about what you would do.

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