Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Haunted Or Fake?

Haunted Or Fake?
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$1 for a historic mansion may sound like a pretty good deal, but there is a catch…there are speculations that it may be haunted. The Ouerbacker-Clement House in Louisville Kentucky was built in the 1860s by Samuel Ouerbacker and was a magnificent building admired by many because the materials and the structure of the mansion. This mansion has been vacant for over 70 years because of the death of the owner . It has been used as a tax office before however  they decided to put the mansion up for sale.  It was then purchased by an architect, Scott Kremer. Ditching his plans to make this mansion  famous again he decided to leave it in ruins because it was to much work for him to do.

The real estate company were hoping that whoever was wanting to purchase the mansion would take the time and spend the money to restore its old features with the help of the tax company.  The Ouerbacker-Clement House is very ancient and was falling apart. There are speculations about the mansion and how it looks haunted because of the broken windows and parts of the floors are breaking and making holes.

Scott Kremer sold the mansion which was purchased by a company by the name of Oracle Design.  This company also bought many other properties from the neighborhood.  Oracle Design have had a plan for a while and when the mansion was getting auctioned they were hoping that they could get the mansion because it was a big part of their plan. Part of the plan is to tear down the mansion and make new apartment complex.   

They are still trying to figure out how they are going to make this mansion into an apartment complex and they still need to figure out the date and the length that this procedure will take.

~ Paige Te Tai


  1. Well done Paige. This is a very smart Story. I wonder how you came up with such a interesting story like this. I bet that whoever reads this will be amazed by your intelligent brain.

  2. Hi Paige its me Sheales,

    I liked how you put lots of detail in your story and it is Fantastic. You re also really good at Writing. How Did you find out about this story?