Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Netball game

Today was the day of our last netball game for Term 2. I traveled to the courts at 3:30 because I needed to Umpire a netball game. I finished the game that I was umpiring and then went home to get my things.  I raced back, not getting a chance to look at the clock. I arrived at the courts and the time was 5:00. I darted to my court - 24 - because my game was at 5:05. I just reached the court on time. Our coach Timmi put on the first seven and then the buzzer rang. The first seven hopped on and waited for the umpire's whistle. The game began and the first score was ours.

The buzzer for the end of the first quarter. Our team made some swaps and jumped back on court. The second quarter started and we played very hard. The end buzzer for the quarter rang and the score was 11 - 6 to them. We talked and then played the next two quarters. We played super hard as we wanted to win the game. The final buzzer rang and we ran back to Timmi. We did our cheers for the other team and the umpire and then went and shook the other teams hands and said Good game. The scorers came and gave us the final score which was 20 - 12 to them.

The team walked over to the bathrooms to get dressed and gave our uniforms in too our manager Greg. I handed in the uniform and went home. I was so proud of how I played. I can't wait until next term netball.

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