Monday, 28 July 2014

Paige Holiday Recount

My Holiday Recount

Waking up knowing that today was the last day of the school holidays and all the fun would come to an end today. My dad told us to hop in the white polished new Mazda. Racing my siblings to get the front seat, pushing them out of the way.I was so determined to get the front seat. As soon as I set foot out the  black dull door....... I slipped in the mud. I cleaned myself up and jumped in the car miserably. I closed the door and buckled my seatbelt then asked “Dad where are we going”. Reaching our final destination, I then realised where we were going to visit my aunty in the hospital.  

For quite awhile we were roaming around looking for the hospital room my aunty was in. After about half an hour we finally found it. Walking into the hospital room all excited to see what my aunty had given birth to. To my surprise it was a baby boy. My aunty had 3 girls and 1 boy counting the one she just had. As I placed a present on the desk beside her bed I just got a peek at the baby. He had the family nose and heaps of hair.  My aunty didn’t chose a name but I think his name it was going to be Bob.

If I could change anything I have done this holidays I would change nothing at all. I would leave everything the same. I got to spend time with my family, I got to go on an adventure through the hospital and most of all I had fun.

My favourite thing about my holidays were going to see my aunty and our new baby cousin. after those holidays I feel like i’ve connected more with my family. Next holidays I hope that we can spend more time with each other.  

Word Web Active

This is my word Web 

Thursday, 24 July 2014



1. Celtic Park is one of the stadiums in Glasgow and has a seating capacity of 60,000
If the stadium is 2/3 full, how many people are there? 20,000
If the stadium is 3/4 full, how many people are there? 45,000
If the stadium is full and 52500 people are adults, how many children are there?7500

2. As James left the stadium, the time on his watch was “20:30”.
What time was it? 8:30
When James arrived home, the time on his watch was “21:45”.
How long before midnight was it? 2 hours and 15 minutes

3. What is the next number in the pattern?
1 3 6 10 15
27 26 24 21 17
49 36 25 16 9
1 3 7 15 31 49

4. Place a “•” next to the fractions that are greater than one half.
1/3 ___ 2/3 1/4 ___ 3/4 3/8 ___
5/8 2/5 ___ 3/5 3/7 ___ 5/9
6/10 4/5 2/8 ___ 6/7 4/6

5. The warm up space on a training field is 10m long and 6m wide.
What is the area of the warm up space? 60 m²
What is the perimeter of the warm up space? 34 m9
The training equipment is kept in a box. The dimensions are 2m long, 1m wide and 1m deep.
What is the volume of the equipment box? 4 m³
If the equipment box is 3/4 full, what is the volume of the empty space? 1 m³

6. Cynthia has 8 towels in a bag. 3 towels are red. The rest are blue. What is the
chance if Amy takes a towel from the bag without looking that the towel is blue?
a) 3/8 (three eighths)
b) 4/8 (four eighths)
c) 5/8 (five eighths)
d) 8/8 (eight eighths

7. Hamish is flying home to Glasgow. The flight takes 10 hours. The plane he is on
burns on average 76550 L an hour and travels at an average speed of 750 kph.
How much fuel will the plane use during flight? 765500 L
How far did the plane fly? 7500 km
If the plane left at 9am Monday, what time would Hamish arrive at Glasgow? 7:00pm

8. Alice and her two sisters watched the athletics in the main stadium for the full
three hour session. It started at 14:20.
What time did the session end? 17:20
In total, Alice and her two sisters drank 1.5 L of water every hour while watching
the athletics.
How much water did they each drink during the entire session? 4.5 L
How much water did Alice and her sisters drink in total? 4.5 L

9. The students at Hannah’s school will attend the opening ceremony of the games in Glasgow. There will be 6 buses each carrying 66 students.
How many students from Hannah’s school will attend the opening ceremony?
396 children from hannah’s school.
If 190 of the students are boys, how many are girls? 206
If 3 teachers go, how many students will each teacher supervise? 132
If the principal also attends, what is the total number of people? 400

10. Jock left the hotel in Glasgow and walked 350m north. He then walked 500m
south and stopped before returning to the hotel.
How far away was Jock from his hotel when he stopped? 250m
If Jock walked on average 100m in one minute, how long did it take Jock to walk
back to the hotel from where he stopped?  2 minutes and 30 sec

11. Danielle jumped 1.45m in the high jump competition.
If Suzie jumped 6cm more than Danielle, how high did Suzie jump? 151cm
If Alex jumped 12cm less than Suzie, how high did Alex jump? 139cm
What is the total length of the three jumps? 435

12. 160 people were surveyed about which country they thought would win the
most gold medals at the Commonwealth Games. 25% said England and 50% said
Australia, while 10% said Canada.
How many people surveyed said England would win the most gold medals? 5
How many people surveyed said Australia would win the most gold medals? 80
How many people surveyed said Canada would win the most gold medals? 16