Monday, 15 April 2013

Paige Happy Dog

Paige Happy Dog from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

I have been learning to animate using Hyperstudio, imovie and Vimeo.


I was walking down the street and looking at funny shape clouds when I saw an elephant on the power lines. There were shoes but there are always shoes on the power lines. When I saw the elephant I thought, “Why isn't the elephant getting electrocuted ?”

I thought about it for a while and realized that it was not real. I stared at it and then my friends Kevine and Ofa came and asked me what i was doing “ I am staring at the elephant”  They asked why. I was looking at clouds and I saw the elephant  


Thursday, 11 April 2013


Saving Poormans Stream

1.  What prompted Mitchell to do something about his nearby stream?
There was heaps of affected the stream because it it polluted

2. Where was most of the rubbish around the stream?
Under the bridge.

3. If this was the case, where would the rubbish around Omaru Creek be?
Under the bridges and very start and dam.

4. Find out who makes and sells the Stream Health Monitoring Assessment Kit and how much it costs.
It is made by NIWA $792
5. How does Mitchell know the stream is pretty healthy?
because the  fish  are  still alive

6. Do you think Omaru Creek is healthy? Why?
half the petrol flows to the bridge
7. Is there any information that the SHMAK kit gets that you think we could find out about Omaru Creek?

8. What is an estuary? Find an image of one and copy it in this doc.
A estuary it were a river meets the sea
Example Tamaki River ends at Panmure

9. If you were helping to write a Care Code for Omaru Creek what are 4 guidelines would you suggest.
no dumping rubbish
no moving rocks
don’t disturb the plants
be kind to  the wild life

10. Why would you need guidelines for a clean up?
so people look after  the creek\ stream.
13. Why was Mitchell disappointed after the clean up?
People do not care about the stream and or creek and always chuckes rubbish in the stream or creek

14. What does rubbish do to the water and the life around it?

  • The light can not get through and the catfish are bad for streams or creeks.
  • If the water can not get in the creek or stream the plants aroound can not grow without sun.


Mars Bar
By  Norman Billbrough

Main Characters:
Mrs Jane who takes the new guy too meet Jason
Jason the person that looks after the new kid Author
Author the new kid but he it like a robot

At the school in the park and in the closet

Albert the new boy  goes with Mrs Jane while she  asks Jason to look after him for the first day of school. Albert the new boy has a nose like a hose pipe and ears so wide apart the can reach his.

Jason had to share his lunch with Albert but Jason can not find him.

Jason looked around he saw a flashing light coming from the cupboard and he opened the cupboard and he saw Albert with a plug in the middle of his bald head and plugged into the wall.

Jason found out that Albert the new kid was a robot because  straight after school Albert speed off and Jason asks Albert
“Why can’t you stick around “  
I will miss the ship home said Albert
Jason just turned the corner and he found Albert  in a spaceship

Getting Ready for Fia Fia

My Fia Fia group is rap and singing.I like this because I really like to sing. We are singing  a mix of songs. They are one of Mr Slade's favorite  song.Plus to songs that you might know well.I can not wait for Fia Fia.

Our tutors are Mr Slade and sometimes Mrs M. Mr Slade has a very unique voice and we are blessed to have him as our tutor.When we practice Mr Slade it well organised. As people to help him and he is not so harsh. When we sing we sound  awesome thanks to Mr Slade.

The performing day is the 18 of April 2013 .I can not wait too.I just hope that they have enough security. I know my dad might be working the 3 nights.They are still taking volunteers for the Fia Fia night.

I hope I can do the best I can.


My Easter Weekend

On the first day of the Easter  weekend (Friday) my sister and I went over to my Aunt's house. When we were there we went to go see here cat Lolly.But first I put my chocolate Easter eggs in the freezer. The cat was hiding under the car seat so we went to go say bye to my mum.
When my mum went my sister and I went to help my Aunt with the laundry.

On Saturday my aunt my sister and me relaxed. At around 7:30pm

my dad came to pick us up but my sister was still eating her dinner.My dad asked my aunt if she wanted to come over home because we were having a international night at church and every  international night the church has a massive feed.So we ended up waiting for my aunt as well. When my aunt was ready my big sister carried all the stuff into the car. When we were all in the car we went to go do patrol at Marcellin college .We checked the doors to see if they were locked or not.

After we went home and went to sleep.


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Testing Omaru Creek

Testing Omaru Creek

I am going to find out the differences in colour smell and turbidity of Omaru creek

I am going to test this by comparing different water  samples  from different locations along Omaru Creek.

Resources and equipment:
Buckets jars paper


I think the water will be Salty
It smells like Bad fish (too me)
Tap water
I think the water will be Fresh clean water
It smells like Fresh clean water
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I think the water will be Oily  rubbish
It smelt like Dead fish (too me)
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I think the water will be Disgusting
It smelt nice (but when you shake it and smell it as soon as it opens)
Side of the lake
I think the water will be kind of fresh
It smelt like fish (to me)

My conclusion (what I found out): I found out that most of my predictions were very  close to my prediction.


I think the water will be clearish
It looked clear
Tap water
I think the water will be clear
It looked clear
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I think the water will be oily leafy heaps rubbish
It looked like there was heaps oily leafy heaps rubbish
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I think the water will be clearish
It looked kind of dirty
Side of lake
I think the water will be clearish
 It looked clearish

My conclusion (what I found out): That my predictions were not too far from the observation.


I thought it would be see through (kind of)
It was Totally see through
Tap water
I thought it would be see through
 It was see through
Omaru Creek water by culvert
I thought it would not clear at all
It was not clear at all
Omaru Creek water by bridge
I thought it would be see through kind of
It was not clear
Side of the lake
I thought it would be clear
It was cloudy

My conclusion (what I found out):I found out that the water always  moves along the stream so the oil can get to the bridge.