Thursday, 11 April 2013


Saving Poormans Stream

1.  What prompted Mitchell to do something about his nearby stream?
There was heaps of affected the stream because it it polluted

2. Where was most of the rubbish around the stream?
Under the bridge.

3. If this was the case, where would the rubbish around Omaru Creek be?
Under the bridges and very start and dam.

4. Find out who makes and sells the Stream Health Monitoring Assessment Kit and how much it costs.
It is made by NIWA $792
5. How does Mitchell know the stream is pretty healthy?
because the  fish  are  still alive

6. Do you think Omaru Creek is healthy? Why?
half the petrol flows to the bridge
7. Is there any information that the SHMAK kit gets that you think we could find out about Omaru Creek?

8. What is an estuary? Find an image of one and copy it in this doc.
A estuary it were a river meets the sea
Example Tamaki River ends at Panmure

9. If you were helping to write a Care Code for Omaru Creek what are 4 guidelines would you suggest.
no dumping rubbish
no moving rocks
don’t disturb the plants
be kind to  the wild life

10. Why would you need guidelines for a clean up?
so people look after  the creek\ stream.
13. Why was Mitchell disappointed after the clean up?
People do not care about the stream and or creek and always chuckes rubbish in the stream or creek

14. What does rubbish do to the water and the life around it?

  • The light can not get through and the catfish are bad for streams or creeks.
  • If the water can not get in the creek or stream the plants aroound can not grow without sun.

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