Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Easter Weekend

On the first day of the Easter  weekend (Friday) my sister and I went over to my Aunt's house. When we were there we went to go see here cat Lolly.But first I put my chocolate Easter eggs in the freezer. The cat was hiding under the car seat so we went to go say bye to my mum.
When my mum went my sister and I went to help my Aunt with the laundry.

On Saturday my aunt my sister and me relaxed. At around 7:30pm

my dad came to pick us up but my sister was still eating her dinner.My dad asked my aunt if she wanted to come over home because we were having a international night at church and every  international night the church has a massive feed.So we ended up waiting for my aunt as well. When my aunt was ready my big sister carried all the stuff into the car. When we were all in the car we went to go do patrol at Marcellin college .We checked the doors to see if they were locked or not.

After we went home and went to sleep.


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