Thursday, 11 April 2013


Mars Bar
By  Norman Billbrough

Main Characters:
Mrs Jane who takes the new guy too meet Jason
Jason the person that looks after the new kid Author
Author the new kid but he it like a robot

At the school in the park and in the closet

Albert the new boy  goes with Mrs Jane while she  asks Jason to look after him for the first day of school. Albert the new boy has a nose like a hose pipe and ears so wide apart the can reach his.

Jason had to share his lunch with Albert but Jason can not find him.

Jason looked around he saw a flashing light coming from the cupboard and he opened the cupboard and he saw Albert with a plug in the middle of his bald head and plugged into the wall.

Jason found out that Albert the new kid was a robot because  straight after school Albert speed off and Jason asks Albert
“Why can’t you stick around “  
I will miss the ship home said Albert
Jason just turned the corner and he found Albert  in a spaceship

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