Thursday, 13 June 2013

Survival In The City Max Stone and Ruby Jones

Title: Survival In The City

Author: Frances Adlam

Characters (names, personalities, strengths, weaknesses): Max Ruby Coco Rupert Miss What a Shocker Mr Monty Fellows David Dazzle Jazzy Razz Terence A.K.A Techno Terry Nigel Nirk Brad Munro Bettie

Setting: A Tv show and The City

What was the problem: Terry and Nigel Nirk said they handed in their devices but they still had their motorcycle  

What was the solution? The solution was that they found each other they had a lot of support and they won the race

Was there a plot twist?  No

My favourite part of the book was?  When Max and Ruby won the race

If I could change the ending it would end like this? I would not like to change the end.

Would I read this book again? Yes I would


  1. Lovely Colors

  2. Hi Paige
    This is a really nice book you were reading in the hoildays i hope to see more and good job

    Anisha M