Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Year 8 Open Day @ Tamaki College

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Today the year 8s had the opportunity to visit Tamaki College to experience what college might be like. The Year 8 students all walked down to Tamaki College. Once we arrived we went to the auditorium where we saw other schools sitting and waiting. In total there was 5 schools. The deputy principal Mrs Moore introduced some people to us and explained what we were going to do.

Each child received a land yard with a plastic pocket. Each land yard had a childs name on it. Every scho
ol got there names. Mrs Moore talked about the way it was set out. My tag had three letters. The first letter stood for a house colour. I was in Rata which is red. The next two letters were your tutor.
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After everyone was sorted we all headed off to our first class. My first class was Social Studies. In Social Studies we paired up and had a quiz race with the other groups. This quiz was about the recent events. Our teacher Ms Apelu showed us a cool site called I think that was so awesome. 

The bell rang for us to switch classes. Our next class was ICT. The teacher taught us about coding. We all had a chance to make codes to guide angry bird to the pig. It was super fun. It was time for morning tea. We made our way back to the auditorium and lined up to grab our food. We had a juice box and a yogurt. The next bell rang and we went to our next class which was Science. In Science we learnt about static electricity. If we rubbed a balloon on our hair than put it near water than the water will bend towards the balloon. This happens because the energy passes through the end of the balloon and pulls the water towards it. That was awesome. I really want to do science in college. 

Our next subject was Maths with Mr Jones. We played a innovated game of Battleships. We had got our own 5 boats and hid them on a grid. We used co-ordinates too navigate our way to finding Mr Jones's boats that he hid in the grid. I can't wait for Maths in college. 

Finally it was lunch tie we all gathered in the auditorium for lunch. The chefs had made a roll and gave us some snacks in a paper bag for us. Our last period had started. My last one was English with Ms Metcalfe. In English we had to write a paragraph about one value that is important to us. My value was Matapono E - Keep It Real. This means being honest. 

Last period had finished and we went back to the auditorium. Throughout the whole day the tutors looked for people who have positive behaviour. I was one in my group. I got a new netbook bag. I am super happy about. 

Thankyou Tamaki College for an amazing day. I hope that I can come back and stay for college. 


  1. What a detailed recount of what sounds like a super interesting day. I am sure you will be very successful at Tamaki College Paige.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Excellent recount of your day Paige! A future scientist...!!