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Word Web Hard

This is my Popplet. We needed to find at least 20 words and I found 23 words.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Magnificent Mosaics

Every Friday Ms Tito comes to class 3 because that is when Miss Clark is on release. Today we did Tiling. Tiling is another word Mosaics. Here are some photos of people tiling.         photo 2.JPGphoto 1.JPGphoto 4.JPGphoto 3.JPG

The Bermuda Triangle News Report

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle happens to be one of the most mysterious places on this planet. Over the centuries, a large number of ships have been reported to have mysteriously disappeared in region lying between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Among other facts about Bermuda triangle, a highly notable fact is that over 8000 people have lost their lives or just vanished over the years due to this mystery of Bermuda triangle. Some of the top ship disappearance incidences are:
Mary Celeste
Possibly one of the most mysteries stories of Bermuda triangle, this ship is a tale of its own. Discovered on 4th December, 1872 with everything right in the place except for the entire crew, the ship was found stranded in the sea. Studies of the ship clearly rule out a pirate attack since everything on this ship including the barrels of alcohol it was transporting and the valuable belongings of the crew. Lots of speculation ensued that cover everything from pirate attack to seaquakes to even crew losing its sanity due to some infected food material have been proposed. However, as much as these speculations seem reasonable, they clearly don’t fit. After all, why would a perfectly skilled crew on a good weather day, with their ship entirely abandon it and then never surface again? It’s an unsolved mystery.
USS Cyclops
A fascinating triangle mystery in true sense, USS Cyclops is the largest human loss reported by US coast guard on a non combat ship. In March 1918, this massive ship set out to sail through the Bermuda region carrying about 309 crew members. Setting off on a fairly good day, the first and the only message sent by this ship indicated no sort of troubles.However, the ship was never heard from again. An entire search of the area was put into action but nothing was ever found. No remains of the ship or any of the more than 300 crew members aboard have ever been found. This ship continues to remain a mystery considering none of the other possible reasons for its disappearance seems to fit completely.

In conclusion the Bermuda triangle has been extremely dangerous so I recommend that you stay away from it.  

Fact Finder 2

This a fact finder. Last week we did Multiplication. This week we are doing Addition and Subtraction . 

Multiplication Wheel 2

Maths Presentation

Reading Tasks Louis Sachars

Lost in the Ranges by Norman Bilbrough
School Journal Part 4 Number 3 1995

WALT: Skim and scan for information
Authors viewpoint - finding evidence in the text

Success Criteria: I can skim and scan the text and find key information.
I can determine and think about how the writer is feeling what going through in this article.

Answer the following questions in red:

Referring to the title of the article what do you think the text is about?
A boy or Girl that got lost in the ranges
Have you ever been lost before? What are your experiences of being lost? Where were you, what happened?
Yes I got lost at the market. I was too busy looking at the toys and my family left me. I felt scared heaps of people were crowded. I stayed where I was then my sister Sammie noticed that I was not there she found me at the toys because that was the last place we went.  

What type of text is this article e.g is it someone’s explanation of what happened, (refer to the first page)
Someone retelling the story that had happened to them 30 years ago
What does Bryan states he was the “youngest in the party”?
He is the youngest in the group of people
What was Bryan’s reason for taking part in this tramp?
He wanted to get to know some of the other boys because he had just moved schools.
Where about is this group of boys hiking? What is the temperature and climate like at this place?
They are  hiking near Mt Alpha, Alpha Hut. “The weather is fine and clear but extremely cold” Says the book
What had Bryan carried in his bag for this trip?
He carried his sleeping bag a few more clothes, and a nibble-food. He thinks he was as also                                         
Even though the weather was fine and clear it was cold. Why is it important to keep warm in situations such as this?
It is important because just like Bryan they could of fallen the clothes kind of cushioned  his   fall so it wasn’t that sore on his bottom or were ever he fall.
Bryan refers to his fall as “tobogganing”. What is tobogganing? Why has Bryan compared his fall to this?
Maybe he is referring to a bumpy because looking at the picture it seems like a rocky ride down.
After this fall, how do you think Bryan is feeling? Is he injured?
He is injured he has a cut above his eye and cuts on his hands which were swollen. I think he felt a bit afraid because he was alone and he had nothing to  eat but he was warm.

Do you think the situation Bryan is currently in is dangerous? Why / why not?
Yes because there might be an avalanche or some wild animal might come and  hurt him. He might starve to death or dehydrate.
Predict what you think will happen next?
Maybe he finds his way up but nobody is there
It seems as though Bryan has now been separated from the rest of his group.
If you were Bryan would you stay put and wait for someone to rescue you? Or would you seek help?
I would stay where i am because they might be going to look for help or get something or someone to help so If I did go somewhere they might go looking for him and they might get hurt.
How do you think the rest of the group will react to Bryan’s falling and injury?
Maybe they will be okay with it and they will just help him and patch up his sores and get him to a nice warm place.
Refer to the map on the next page, what information does this give us about where the accident happened and where Bryan was found?
His accident was near Mt Alpha
Thursday/ Friday:

How had the group members described Bryan’s falling as?
It was like he disappeared or he did not exist because he did not see bryan fall
What had Bryan lost on his way down, how does this affect his chances of survival? And keeping safe?
He lost his chocolate chip biscuits and a few layers of clothing and all his food. It affected him and his survival because if you have no food you might starve to death and it might get too cold  
Bryan tries to climb back up the hill, is this a good idea? Why/ why not?
No because he might fall and hurt himself even more
What was Bryan glad about wearing? For what reason do you think he was glad about this?
He says “I am glad that I worn wool” I would have been glad to because he is out in the cold he might freeze to death.
Bryan had no food with him, what are his chances of survival? What do you think he should do to keep himself energised? Why do you think this?
He can suck on the snow or signal for help. He should try keep warm. but still be active. I think this because when you are warm and active you don’t feel like slowing down.
Where had the rest of the group disappeared to when Bryan returned to find them?
They were arriving at Cloustonville  and raising the alarm.
How do you think he is feeling to reach the Site with no one there?
Maybe he felt upset that no-one was there when he just got up.  
Bryan states he wasn’t worried or scared. How would you be feeling in this situation?
I would be worried and I would be scared because something might come and hurt me and because I have a cut above my eye and cuts on my hand which is swollen.

Friday, 14 March 2014

My Book Review Of The Stolen Baseball Cards

Title: The Case Of The Stolen Baseball Cards  
Author: James Preller
Illustrator: (if applicable) John Speirs and The cover Illustrator R.W. Alley
Lead Character/s?   Eddie Becker, Mila, Ms. Gleason, Bigs Maloney, Kim Lewis,  Jigsaw Jones and “The Phantom”
What is the storyline or plot?  
When Eddie's baseball cards are missing, Jigsaw steps up to the plate. He's no rookie detective! Solving this case is sure to send Jigsaw and Mila straight to the Detective's Hall of Fame.

Did you like this novel Yes/No Why?
Whenever I read this book it makes me feel pleased because it is a really good mystery book. It tells you what happened and then it uses victims and then they found out who it is and how they did it.  

Your opinion – Why did you like/dislike it?
This book is a fantastic mystery book. It tells you what happened and then it uses victims and then they found out who it is and how they did it.  To me that is what a good mystery book needs.

What was your favourite part? And why?
My favourite part was when Jigsaw jones got told by Bigs maloney to wrestle him so they had a game and then Bigs pinned Jigsaw to the ground. That part was hilarious.  

If you could change something what would it be and why?

Well I would change nothing. The book is perfect the way it , I love the way it is set out and the way the events are placed so I change absolutely nothing.

Did you like the character/s?
Yes I thought the characters were well thought and the characteristics of them were fabulous. My favourite character is Mila. Mila is like a tomboy that is not afraid of a little rough and tumble.  

What is your recommendation?
People who like mysteries and has a funny sense of humor
List at least 5 adjectives you would use to describe this text:
Hilarious, Mysterious, Humorous, Detailed. Cool

What type of language does it use?
Does it use technical language, complex language or colloquial (everyday) language?
It uses all the types but mostly slang like sup bro what yo up to

Does the level of language make it easy or difficult for the reader to follow?
It makes the it easier to read.

Review Writing

The case of the stolen baseball cards.pngThe Case of The Stolen Baseball cards is a fantastic read. It is written by James Preller. The illustrators are John Speirs and the cover Illustrator is R.W. Alley.

The Case of the Stolen Baseball Cards is a fantastic mystery book because it has everything a mystery book should have. For a mystery book to be good it needs a good introduction and a good mystery to solve. For me The Case of the Stolen Baseball cards is a really good mystery. To make a good mystery   Whenever I read this book it makes me feel pleased. It tells you what happened and it has a good method of solving the mystery. It is an awesome read.

My favourite part was when 2 young boys called Jigsaw Jones went over to Bigs Maloney’s house to ask some questions about the case. Bigs maloney was wearing the most ridiculous thing ever. What was he wearing? I’m not telling. After some of the questions Bigs told Jigsaw to wrestle so they did. Bigs pinned Jigsaw jones down. That must of been embarrassing for Jigsaw but it was hilarious.

I thought the characters were well thought because the characteristics of them were fabulous. The names of them were cool and their personality was awesome. My favourite character is Mila. Mila is like a tom-boy that is not afraid of a little rough and tumble and she is always on the case.

If I had to change something it would be nothing. The book is perfect the way it, I love the way it is set out and the way the events are placed so I would change absolutely nothing. I like it the way it is. I recommend this book for someone who likes kids mysteries. It could be a teenager or an adult who likes kids mysteries.

If I had to rate the book it would be 5 out of 5. 

The End

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Empathy Writing

Imagine someone getting picked on. That person always gets bullied and you just laugh because you think it is funny. What if that was someone close.  Think about other peoples feelings if you do it is called being empathetic. Being an empathetic person means you put yourself in other people’s shoes. That means when you think about what they are going through from their You think about what they are going through before you even think of bullying them. Being empathetic is having empathy for others.  

Showing empathy means helping them out being a good friend. You can show    empathy by showing that you care for them. For you to show empathy you can encourage others, being kind in a lot of ways like be a person that you can rely on when others need you. Showing empathy also means to  hang out with lonely people and make them feel welcome especially if they are new to your school.  

Is it important to show empathy?It is important to show empathy towards everybody     because it shows that you care about them and then they might show empathy towards you when you are feeling down or if you need someone to help you.

In the playground there are heaps of little kids. There is heaps of seniors and middle school people to. The older kids seem to always hurt the little kids and they go back to class crying. We can prevent that by taking care of them and watching out for them on the playground. Showing empathy in the classroom can be like sharing your pencil with someone or working with them in reading or maths.

In the end people that you help and show empathy towards they just might  show empathy towards you when you are feeling down. So showing empathy is very important for our community.

My Weekly Quiz

I have not finished the visual part.
1. What type of whales were found stranded on
a remote Southland beach last week?
• a. humpback whales
• b. orca
• c. blue whales

2. Which New Zealand University has been
named as a major sponsor for the
Highlanders rugby team?
• a. the University of Canterbury
• b. the University of Otago
• c. Lincoln University

3. A Danish Zoo caused an uproar last week
when it decided to put down an animal
rather than finding it another zoo. What type
of animal was it?
• a. elephant
• b. tiger
• c. giraffe

4. Why have a small number of people had
their passports cancelled recently?
•a. because of unpaid student loans
•b. because they used a stolen identity to
apply for the passport
•c. because the government was concerned
they would join rebel armies oversea

5. Why are some homeowners in the
Coromandel town of Waihi concerned about
their homes?
• a. a new road is going to be built which
will mean some houses have to be
• b. a home has recently collapsed into a
large hole
• c. a mining company will open a new
mine under existing housing

6. What is a berm?
• a. a type of boat
• b. the grassed area outside a property
beside the roadside
• c. a hairstyle inspired by Justin Bieber

7. In what sport are teams from Australia and
New Zealand competing at the Auckland
Nines tournament?
• a. Rugby
• b. Cricket
• c. Rugby League

8. Where was the whaling ship from that
entered New Zealand waters without
permission last week?
• a. Japan
• b. China
• c. Iceland

9. What type of transport disaster claimed the
lives of 77 soldiers in Algeria?
• a. a train crash
• b. a boat sinking
• c. a plane crash

10.How often do New Zealanders have to
renew their passport?
• a. every five years
• b. every ten years
• c. every fifteen years

11.Prince Charles and Prince William joined
together in a television broadcast to promote
what cause?
• a. saving endangered animals
• b. saving the rainforest
• c. using electric cars

12.Who has John Key accused of visiting Kim
Dotcom several times in his Dotcom
• a. the leader of New Zealand First,
Winston Peters
• b. the co-leader of the Greens, Russell
• c. both of the above

13.Which supermarket is being accused of
blackmailing suppliers?
• a. Countdown
• b. Pak n Save
• c. New World

14.On what continent is the Amazon River?
• a. Asia
• b. Africa
• c. South America

15.Who was named New Zealand’s top
sportsperson at the 51st Halberg Awards?
• a. Scott Dixon
• b. Valerie Adams
• c. Lydia Ko