Monday, 26 August 2013

Cross Country

On Thursday 22nd of August we had Cross Country.  A Cross Country it when you run either short distance or long distance. First up was the five year old boys. They went around the top field and round  half of the reserve. It must have been so tired when they finished and hot. My group was Mataatua( Green ). Our group came third to last. At least they tried.

When all the juniors were done it was the 9 year old boys turn. Mr. Burt put the siren on and they were off. The boys were gone in 1 second they were fast.
The first boy was in Tanui.

After a while it was our turn. I was so nervous me and Quasia ran together. Mr . Burt Told us where to go. When we started I was alright then after a while i was tired. My feet were really muddy and yuck.

After all me and Quasia crossed the line together. The first girl was Asena, Second was Kevine and third was Rebekah. Me and Quasia came third to last.

I was so PROUD of myself

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