Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hansel and Gretel Writing

Once upon a time in a dark forest there was a cottage. In that cottage there was a family. There was Hansel who  is the a boy who always looked after his sister who cries alot. Gretel is a girl who can cry easily.But at the end of this story it all changed. There was a woodcutter who was there father which was a easy man to persuade..There was an self centered Stepmother who had a problems with Hansel and Gretel and wanted to get rid of them.

The Step Mother thought that their was too  many mouths to feed so she nagged her husband to take Hansel and Gretel miles away from  the cottage. Luckily Hansel overheard their conversation  and went out and filled his pockets with white pebbles then went back to sleep.

The next day the father took his kids out to the forest and abandoned them. Remember Hansel filled his pockets with white pebbles. Hansel had left a trail and when moonlight hit they saw the white pebbles and followed them back. The Stepmother saw that the kids were back and she nagged her husband to take them out again. All they had for dinner was bread. Hansel did not eat his bread.

The next day the father took his kids out to the forest and abandoned them. Hansel noticed and he left a trail for them to get back forgetting about all the hungry birds in the forest. When their father left them they noticed that the breadcrumbs were gone. Gretel started to cry. Hansel said”Don’t be scared  Gretel I am here” Gretel quietly sobbed. They wandered around the forest and soon they found a house made out of candy.

They were eating the house to bits when a witch came out and captured them in cages. The Witch liked to bake kids and she eats them. Hansel got trapped in the cage and Gretel was told to clean up. This is the part where Gretel gets brave. The witch had bad eyesight from when she was a childhood. Gretel grab some butter and smeared it all over the witches glasses. Gretel pushed Hansel out of the way and pushed the witch in the oven. A few minutes later  their father came to get them because the police had rung them and told them everything that happened. To their surprise the Stepmother died by no food.


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