Monday, 10 March 2014

Empathy Writing

Imagine someone getting picked on. That person always gets bullied and you just laugh because you think it is funny. What if that was someone close.  Think about other peoples feelings if you do it is called being empathetic. Being an empathetic person means you put yourself in other people’s shoes. That means when you think about what they are going through from their You think about what they are going through before you even think of bullying them. Being empathetic is having empathy for others.  

Showing empathy means helping them out being a good friend. You can show    empathy by showing that you care for them. For you to show empathy you can encourage others, being kind in a lot of ways like be a person that you can rely on when others need you. Showing empathy also means to  hang out with lonely people and make them feel welcome especially if they are new to your school.  

Is it important to show empathy?It is important to show empathy towards everybody     because it shows that you care about them and then they might show empathy towards you when you are feeling down or if you need someone to help you.

In the playground there are heaps of little kids. There is heaps of seniors and middle school people to. The older kids seem to always hurt the little kids and they go back to class crying. We can prevent that by taking care of them and watching out for them on the playground. Showing empathy in the classroom can be like sharing your pencil with someone or working with them in reading or maths.

In the end people that you help and show empathy towards they just might  show empathy towards you when you are feeling down. So showing empathy is very important for our community.

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  1. Wow Paige that Empathy story is really long. I'm really proud of you.