Friday, 21 March 2014

The Bermuda Triangle News Report

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda triangle happens to be one of the most mysterious places on this planet. Over the centuries, a large number of ships have been reported to have mysteriously disappeared in region lying between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Among other facts about Bermuda triangle, a highly notable fact is that over 8000 people have lost their lives or just vanished over the years due to this mystery of Bermuda triangle. Some of the top ship disappearance incidences are:
Mary Celeste
Possibly one of the most mysteries stories of Bermuda triangle, this ship is a tale of its own. Discovered on 4th December, 1872 with everything right in the place except for the entire crew, the ship was found stranded in the sea. Studies of the ship clearly rule out a pirate attack since everything on this ship including the barrels of alcohol it was transporting and the valuable belongings of the crew. Lots of speculation ensued that cover everything from pirate attack to seaquakes to even crew losing its sanity due to some infected food material have been proposed. However, as much as these speculations seem reasonable, they clearly don’t fit. After all, why would a perfectly skilled crew on a good weather day, with their ship entirely abandon it and then never surface again? It’s an unsolved mystery.
USS Cyclops
A fascinating triangle mystery in true sense, USS Cyclops is the largest human loss reported by US coast guard on a non combat ship. In March 1918, this massive ship set out to sail through the Bermuda region carrying about 309 crew members. Setting off on a fairly good day, the first and the only message sent by this ship indicated no sort of troubles.However, the ship was never heard from again. An entire search of the area was put into action but nothing was ever found. No remains of the ship or any of the more than 300 crew members aboard have ever been found. This ship continues to remain a mystery considering none of the other possible reasons for its disappearance seems to fit completely.

In conclusion the Bermuda triangle has been extremely dangerous so I recommend that you stay away from it.  

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