Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My Reading Activity Frogs

WALT :Ideas: Show an increasing understanding of ideas within, across, and beyond texts.
Referring to the images on the first page, what do you think the main ideas of the story are?
A kid how goes to the junkyard or graveyard and he might be a hero.
What do you already know about texts that look like this? How do you read them?
They are comic books and they normally have heaps of pictures and the words are in little squares or bubbles.

What feeling do you get about the time and the setting?
I feel a little creeped out by the setting and the time I feel ok with that.

What do you think the rad-monitor can be?Could rad be short for something? Why might Tane need one?

Maybe he  is a mutant and if it gets too hot he needs to be in water for the coolness of it.  

What is the sludge in the ditch? What do you think the smell might be?
I think the sludge is like thick soft wet mud. The smell is probably suwage.
Who does the graveyard belong to?Why
It belongs to the Mutts. It belongs to the Mutts
What do you think the mutts are? Are they referring to the mutts in a good way or bad way?
Maybe they are mutants too.I reckon they are bad because the have covered their faces with ski mask the only thing that yiu can see is there eyes and their hair.
Did you hypothesise these were frogs?
Yes. Because rats do not kick their legs out and they hate water. Plus they don’t swim.

What do you already know about frogs?
They have webbed feet, they are green. They eat flies. They have teeth. Frogs have ears. they are one of the best leapers on the planet.the longest frog jump on record measured 33 feet 5.5 inches. It was made by a frog named Santjie at a frog derby held in South Africa. Frogs have special skin. They don’t just wear it they drink and breath through it. Frogs don’t swallow water like we do they absorb the moisture they need through their skin. Frogs can live up to 15 years except for the European common toad which lives up to 40 years.

How do your connections and prior knowledge help you make decisions about what might happen next?. It helps me because I know how it  feels and I can imagine it in my head.
Navigating the text:

Why are some words in bubbles? How did you know that?
If in bubbles it means it is a though someone thinking. I know this because it is in most of the comic books.

What is the meaning of the image of the man with a book?
when tane said he was remembering that man is Mr Nicholson.

How does the caption connect to the illustrations?
It shows the things it says like ”the frogs were kicking” they showed the frogs in the little pool.


Identify the connection between the thought bubble, the image, and the caption?The thought bubble is what the character is thinking the image helps me understand what is happening and the caption talks about it.
What was Tane remembering?
Tane was remembering what Mr Nicholson had said too Tane about the frogs being on the extinct list
Who is asking the question in the speech bubble?
Maybe Mr Nicholson
Who does “He’d” refer to in the caption?
Mr Nicholson
What do you think the “web of life” means?
It means the life of a frog
Think about the grim setting. Is the discovery of frogs a good sign?
Yes because they are not extinct and Mr Nicholson will be shocked so he can look after them and care for them. As for Tane well he can visit them and watch them grow.  

What might happen next? The mutts find him but they did not find the frogs and then Tane starts to faint. Tane can hear from afar he can hear police sirens going off.  

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