Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Why Pandas have black patches around their eyes.

This is my story about why pandas have black patches around their eyes.

In a land far far away, was a forest that was full of bamboo. A panda and a grasshopper were playing in the tall bamboo shoots. The grasshopper said to the panda “ Hey Panda, why do you have those black patches around your eyes”. “Here let me tell you a short story that comes from generations back about why I have these black patches” said Panda.

“Once upon a time in a far away land a white snowy animal was sleeping in an open space. Only a few rocks and trees were around. The snowy looking animal woke up and turned around to find a grasshopper right next to him. He jumped back, in surprise and hid behind a close by rock. He peeked out and the grasshopper was right on top off the rock. He squealed and then said “What are you doing here?” “I am just looking for a new home. My last home got damaged really badly.”

The grasshopper and ‘Polar Bear’ discussed places that the grasshopper could stay because the ‘Polar Bear’ didn’t want the grasshopper to stay. He didn’t want the grasshopper to stay because the one grasshopper might attract a whole swarm of grasshoppers. The ‘Polar Bear’ suggested that the grasshopper should stay over in the grass, but the grasshopper declined that suggestion because he wanted to stay in open spaces like the ‘Polar Bear’.

The grasshopper and ‘Polar Bear’ argued for twenty minutes until the grasshopper said “ I don’t want anymore of your suggestions as I’ve already made up my mind. I am staying right here because this is where I want to stay.” The ‘Polar Bear’ declared that the ‘Polar Bears’ and grasshoppers would fight for the area. They stated that the fight will take place the next day at 12:00 sharp. The ‘Polar Bear’ gathered all the fighters that he could. He gathered birds and lizards with a few tigers. While the grasshopper gathered lots of tigers and Bears.

The clock hit 12:00 and an Owl started the fight. The fight went on for 1 hour and then a grasshopper jumped up from behind a tiger and punched the ‘Polar Bear’ in the eyes. The fight had finished and all the animals that participated had been badly hurt. The ‘Polar Bear’ stood up and the grasshopper saw that the panda had black patches around his eyes.

The next day the ‘Polar Bear’ was sleeping and two hunters came along and saw that the animal was not a Polar bear and named it a Panda. The hunters realized all the badly hurt animals and rang animal hospitals to come and help them. The animals were ok once they were treated.”

“That is why pandas have black patches around their eyes.” said the Panda. “Thanks Panda, that was such a cool story. I am so happy that we can be friends.”

Pandas then moved to places with more bamboo. The population is now 1300 in the world excluding the pandas in the zoo.

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