Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry Expedition

Today we had the opportunity to show off how much work we have done in the past few weeks. Our inquiry focus question was "How can we make it better". For this task each class went around the school in inquiry groups and look for something that we could make better or make for the school. 

My group was Mele and Brooklyn. Our group name was the Dynamic Trio. The problem that we saw was that the flags that were in the breeze looked really old and yuck. So we came up with a few main ideas that we could do also thinking about the cost. Some of these ideas were...
1. Taking them off and putting new ones - The new flags will just get ruined and the cost was high. 
2. Take them off and leave them blank - It would look more boring. 
3. Take them off and put the PT ENGLAND across it - YAY!

The last idea that we came up with was the one that we wanted to do and also wasn't high in cost. Once we had our plan and talked to Mrs Tele'a about it we started designing what it may look like. Our artist, Mele came up with the idea to bubble write the letters, half them and at the halfway mark put zigzags which will show that we would color it differently.

 Once we had got the papers we had started doing the letters. Since there were three of us we decided that one would draw (Mele), one would color (Brooklyn) and the last one would cut the letters out (Paige) because we would put them on a bigger piece of paper. 

We had color cut and pasted our work and then we had to set up our display for the expedition. We set up in the middle so that people would come to us more. We had to have two long tables because our work was too long for just one. 

A few of the problems we had today were...
1. That some kids didn't listen because they were either talking or wondering off. 
2. Some kids tried to rip the work. 

Some things that we thought were awesome were...
1. Most of the kids were polite. 
2. The tour guides were helpful by keeping the kids interested. 
3. The kids agreed with what we were doing. 
4. We had fun!!!!

At the end we packed up and went back to class. I can't wait for the morning when we do it again for the middle school students. 

P.S. Thanks to all the teachers that supported and helped with the expo. We really appreciated your support. B)

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  1. Well done Paige on being one of the first students to post about today's 'Technology Expo'. I think it's great that you get to share your efforts with the younger students of our school. Your group handled the audience really well today. I have no doubt that tomorrow you will be even better. Have a good rest - last day tomorrow!