Sunday, 5 July 2015

2nd Pourquoi Story - Why Leopards have spots

Why Leopards have spots.

Once upon a time there lived an artist with the passion for animals. This artist knew that he wanted to be an artist from the day his dad took him to an art show. The name of this artist was Segers spotsndots. One day he was out looking for something to inspire him. He came across aan golden animal with eyes as bright as the sun. He stopped and sat down. He took out a camera from his pouch and quickly snapped a photo. Just then the animal darted away.

The artist went back and looked on the internet at animals trying to see which animal it was. He then saw that it was called a leopard. He looked at the picture that he took of the Leopard and he noticed that the animal looked plain and boring. The artist stared and stared at the majestic looking Leopard for hours until he decided that he would design something that would make this Leopard look even better.

He designed many many pieces of art but all the design that he made weren’t right for this breathtaking Leopard. After a few more hours he got super resentful and started flicking the brush at a canvas and then he noticed that he had created a perfect design for the golden animal. He stayed up all night figuring out how to put this artwork on the Leopards. As the clock was going on to 12:49 he suddenly thought of it.

He stated that he would make a freeze ray that would only freeze the worlds entire population of Leopards. He worked for days non stop thinking of ways to build this ray. Then... an plan struck him. He got working straight away. He gathered so many things that his house looked like a garage sale inside of a garage sale.  The next day he smiled in joy as he had finished his freeze ray. That very moment a leopard was walking past. Segers pushed a button and the leopard froze. All the leopards froze.

He switched some things around so that his freeze ray would also print spots onto every single leopard in the world. he pushed more button, in a pattern. The ray made funny noises BEEP, BAP, BOP, BA. The leopard that was prancing by disappeared for a few seconds and then appeared again but this time the animal had spots.

Til this very day Leopards have been known for their spots and  their bright eyes.

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