Monday, 4 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper But Nobody Was There?????

I heard a whisper but no-one was there .....
“ Come over here” whispered a voice. “ Who’s there”. Khaia looked around but nobody was their. Khaia got scared. She went into her bedroom and put her headphones on. Khaia turned on her music and she lay down on her bed. “ Come over her. Khaia Come to me “. Khaia thought she was crazy. She ran down stairs like a maniac. Khaia looked around but she saw nothing. All she saw was a empty lounge.

The next day Khaia went to school. During maths class Khaia got bored so she started to draw. She drew until maths class was over.The bell rang for recess. Khaia had her lunch with her friends Ariana, Lucy, Brooklyn and Marilyn. After they ate their lunch they all went to play on the playground. Khaia heard the whisper again. This time the whisper said “ Khaia ditch your friends go find others. You're better than them”. Khaia looked around and she saw that nobody was looking so Khaia just left. She did as the whisper told her. The whisper made Khaia do other bad stuff like throw spit balls  and kick other people and other really bad stuff.

When Khaia got home there was a nice homemade lunch on the table and it had a note next to it. It said “ Hi Khaia your father and I have gone to see your Aunt Hope for a bit here is your lunch. Your dinner is in the fridge. Bye”  

Khaia  had the lunch and then went to lie down on the couch. The whisper got into Khaia again. It said “ Hay Khaia why don’t “ Khaia blocked her ears before the whisper could finish. the whisper talked louder so Khaia blocked her ears even harder. Then Khaia looked around and she actullay saw something she saw a person. That person was Ariana. She was the whisper all along. Khaia was a bit surprised and mad. She was mad because Ariana pulled her away from her friends and she told Khaia to do all that bad stuff to other people. She was surprised because it was Ariana and ariana would never do that.

In the End Khaia rang  her parents first and asked if they can have a small party. They said yes. So Khaia called all her friends and they all lived happily ever after.

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