Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Show Not Tell Fia Fia

Fia Fia Show Not Tell

As Purple remix was just about finishing I had the worst butterflies ever. As they played our fijian song we walked on and my tummy felt worst. In the middle of our song I messed up and felt weird. I think I felt weird because I was used to doing it different but we changed it and it was weird. Near the end of our song I felt better. In my head I was saying I'm almost finish. When I got off I was relieved.

Watching the  other performances was much better than performing yourself. After us was the Tongan boys. They were cool to watch.

After all of this I was super tired. I was so tired as soon as I got home  I got into bed and as soon as my face hit the pillow I was out. My dad had tried to wake me up but I was still sleeping.  

I think Fia Fia was awesome. To bad I can’t have Fia Fia next year at Pt England.

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