Thursday, 14 August 2014

Paige The Glass Boy By Melaina Faranda

WALT: Reflect on the text.

Success Criteria: I can reflect on the text from a critical perspective.

Looking at the images and colors and illustrations what vibe do we get from the text?
I think that the vibe in the text is sadness. Negative mood.
Read the Bet and Predict what time period do you think this story was set in?
I think it was set in between 1876 - 1923. 
What helped you form your opinion?

Clarify the following selected words on page 2:
1. Foundry - A workshop or factory that makes metal.
2. Maestro - A conductor
3.Doge - The chief of Venice
4.Noble Families -  Wealthy and Healthy families.
5.Blasphemy - The offence of speaking about God or sacred things
6.Oath - A solemn promise  

Who are the characters in the text? What do we know about them?
1. Pietro  a man who works in the factory
2. Maestro Battono someone who insulted another worker.
3. Maestro Mancini is the one who got insulted
4. The Doge  the chief of Venice.
5.Saint Anthony was the patron saint of glass - blowers.

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