Friday, 22 August 2014

Paige Life Ed Caravan Explanation

The Life Education Trust Association is a company which  helps children to make superior choices about their health , as well as  teaching them to respect themselves and others. The Trust also empowers children to make the right decision when  facing difficult scenarios and  learning  to appreciate their own uniqueness.

The topic for the Intermediate block for this occasion was Drugs and Alcohol.

One of the main topics that we learnt was drugs. We learnt What are Drugs?
A drug is any chemical substance, other than food, water or oxygen. Drugs are  substances that kill people. People can die from overdosing. When you overdose that means you take too much at one time. Drugs are something that make people feel better about themselves. Drugs are chemical substances that can cause the brain to function in a different way that isn’t normal. Drugs are something that people take for kicks. All medicines are drugs , but not all drugs are medicines.

We learnt that when you are in a situation facing drugs you need to make an ethical choice. A choice that you know will make yourself and people proud. Most people who sell or make drugs look for people who appear innocent, weak or willing to try anything. If people make the choice to put drugs in their body the consequence it that it can ruin the body flow and your brain will never fully develop especially if you take drugs during puberty.

Another main topic was Alcohol.

There are three types of Alcohol.  Beer ,Wine and Spirits.
If we take apart Beer and put it into layers according to the ingredients. Beer only has 5% Alcohol in a standard drink.
Wine has 14% Alcohol in a standard drink.
Spirits on the other hand has 46% in a standard drink.
If someone chooses to put alcohol in their body at a young age, then their body won’t function properly. A young teenager can only take a very small quantity of alcohol. In your body the liver separates the bad things from your bloodstream.  Alcohol if taken regularly from a teenager can affect the person’s  emotions and ability too function properly.

Lynn was talking about the Web Of Addiction. The web of addiction is when you are on drugs and you can’t stop taking them no matter how hard you try. First you start off liking it for a while. You have it once a week.  Then it comes to a point when you want it more. So you have it 3 times a week. Suddenly it turns into a problem when you need it more regularly. You will do anything to have it. Finally you CRAVE IT. You can’t go without it. You have to have it constantly.

Lastly Lynn taught us why people choose to use drugs and alcohol. Some of the  reasons were that others were doing it , they thought that it wouldn't harm them, they thought it was cool and they wanted to be part of the crowd. I asked my dad if he had ever done drugs or alcohol, he said yes. I asked dad why he did it and he told me that sometimes people do drugs and alcohol to hide the pain that they feel inside. Dad told me that sometimes life can get very hard and during those hard times people usually make the wrong decisions and as a result of the emotional trauma that is involved they take drugs and alcohol to numb the pain.

I think that drugs and alcohol are bad for you and your life. They don’t make all your problems go away, they just add to it. My decision is that I will not take drugs and alcohol  because they can ruin my life ahead of me and whats to come. Right now I am drug and alcohol free and I plan to keep it that way.


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