Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Future Aspirations and Inspirations

This morning we had a special seminar with three speakers that came to inspire us for our future. The three speakers were Amelia Unufe , Anthony Samuels and Paula Fakalata. Our host for the seminar was Mr Andrew Patterson.

The first speaker was Anthony Samuels. His speech was 1 phrase 1 key. The phrase was " To miharo Hoki" and the key to the phrase was "your past does not have to determine your future". Mr Samuels was a former actor on What now back in 1981. He had moved up to the producer of What now for three  years.

The next speaker was Paula Fakalata. He is a attitude presenter who has spoken to about 4000 students this year. All he wanted to do was help people who needed help. His speech was about taking good risks.

The last speaker was Amelia Unufe. At year 4 she had heard about the I have a dream programme and decided to take a look. In the end she decided too be a fashion designer because that is what she wanted to be.

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