Friday, 14 August 2015

GEGNZ Student Summit

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the very first Google For Education NZ Student Summit in Hobsonville. Once everyone had arrived at school, we hopped in the two vans and started making our way to Hobsonville Point School. After sitting around in the van for an hour we had finally reached our destination. When we hopped out of the van. Then we went inside, where a loevely lady leaded us into the hall. The school gave us a mihimihi and then sang a waiata. Then something cool happened ..... Toby Carr came and talked to us. Toby Carr is the founder and CEO of Dextech at only the age of 16yrs olds. Something that i would take away from what he said would be "Your nnever to young to make your dreams a reality". I really liked this because young students or teenagers could start thinking about what they want to do and they can pursue their dreams. After this talk we headed off to our first session.

My group was with Shannon and we walked over to a room which had heaps of people in it. Our first session was called Kahoot is a site that lets you make quizzes for friends. I think that in that session the thing that i liked was that the presenters were loud and spoke with confidence.

After that session we had morning tea time. Half way during morning tea Group 2 had to go and prepare for there presentation. Our presentation was about how we do PENN at school. The people that came to our session were very cool. First of all we introduced ourselves to them. Ana and Josephine opened us up by saying that PENN is our school daily news network. They then talked about who does it. Then Lesieli and I talked about how we develop our PENN script. We continued with our plan and then we decided to get the audience included by letting them create there own PENN episode. We had 16 people in the audience which meant that we could have 4 groups of 4. We filmed them saying one line each of the script. Mrs Lagitupu threw it all together and then we watched it. At the end of our session we felt releaved that we had finished it.

I think something i enjoyed was watching the audience creating their own episode and presenting. Something that we as a group could have done better was be more louder and more confident in our voice. I really liked this day because it was super interactive. I am so lucky that i have attended the ery first Google for Education Nz Student Summit.

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  1. Hi Paige

    Well done you for posting a reflection about the trip to the GEGNZ Student Summit. I agree, the PENN presentation was fantastic. So which workshop was your favourite and why?