Friday, 18 September 2015

Recount Writing

My sister's birth

I have experienced many exciting things during my short lifetime such as bungee jumping it was an exhilarating experience, diving which was a frightening experience and many more . I have also missed out on things like going to Rainbows End, travelling out of New Zealand and many others, but one thing I’ve always been pleased about  was getting the opportunity to have a little sister. The moment that I saw her I knew that she was going to be an amazing little sister.

“Paige here is your new baby sister Mikyrah”. As my mum said that I felt joy jumping inside of me as if I had won the lottery!!!! I was given opportunity to hold my little sister who was sound asleep wrapped up in her silky white blanket. 5 minutes later mum took her off me and we had a family photo around her. After that we got to go home and enjoy Mikyrah for ourselves. Our journey home was bumpy as if we were driving  through a construction site which had large boulders. I looked out the tinted window to find that we were in fact driving on an uncompleted  road which was covered in rocks. I looked ahead to see a new smooth road. Within minutes we reached that new road. The rest of the ride home was peaceful as everybody had fallen asleep because the ride was long lasting.

2 hours later we finally reached our destination which was home. Our warm, cozy home. I jumped out of the back door of our black ford and darted to open the door as mum was holding baby. As I went to put the key in the door I was so unfocused had a liat I hit my head on the door is opened. I fell on the floor and my dad laughed which woke up Mikyrah.  She opened her big brown eyes and looked me straight in the eyes.

The next day we had thrown her a little party. Afterwards we left her to sleep. This experience was amazing

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