Monday, 20 May 2013

Arial The Sleepy Priness

A Long long time ago a princess called Arial had too go too the north pole too see her Father .
Arial wanted too take her plane but her dad wanted her too travel by sled or feet.You see Arial was very spoiled her dad wanted too teach her a lesson.Arial did not like that but she did it anyways.

She took some strong men with her too pull her across the snowy parts. There were heaps of challenges coming her way such as ..... Avalanches, Hairy snow Trolls and much much worst. She was got so sleepy  she fell asleep during the first 25 minutes. She woke up because she had heard a rumbling sound coming from above.She saw a humungous snowball towards them.  

They were running so hard they did not notice that it was gone.
They were  sure  that it would get worst. They were right
. A horrible Yet came and attacked them.


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