Thursday, 30 May 2013


A long time ago a man called Chris Marks wanted to travel somewhere that nobody would think of going to. So he went too ANTARCTICA . The night before he packed 15 warm jumpers, 12 T-shirts, 10 pairs of pants, and 15 cups of hot chocolate in big cups.

The very next day was the day that Chris went to ANTARCTICA. Chris was worried that he might get attacked by A FEROCIOUS LEOPARD SEAL or a ORCA. I might die out there I think I am going to stay home. He went to the airport to cancel his flight but he took his stuff and went to the flight attendant too cancel. The flight attendant thought he was going to Antarctica. When he got too Antarctica he panicked and fainted into the ice. 45 minutes after he woke up in a warm igloo with a person over him. Chris Marks covered himself in 3 jumpers and put 3 pairs of pants on. Chris Marks soon had to go outside. He was so worried he forgot he had a jet ski for outside.



  1. Interesting story Paige. Remember that a narrative has four paragraphs at least [Introduction, problem, action and solution]. I would also consider using the persons name a bit less. Instead of saying Chris Marks all of the time use, he or his. Don't forget a title for your post.