Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs Goat And The 7 Kids Re-written By Paige and Khaia

Once upon a time their was a mother goat who was going to the supermarket but before she left her kids she said “ Do not open the door to anybody no matter what ever”. The kids said “Okay mother”. So the mother went and a few minutes later the BIG BAD WOLF came knocking on the door. Knock Knock Knock. “Who’s there” the kids said. “I am your mother. I have some  sweets for you. Now open the door”. The kids said  “ You are not our mother. Mother has a sweet voice like MUSIC. So the wolf went to the music teacher and said “ Teach me how to have a sweet voice like MUSIC or I will bite your beak off”. “Okay” said the music teacher.

The wolf ran to the house the kids were in and said “ Open the door for your sweet mother I have some ice cream for you”. “She has the voice like mother. Stick you’re paw in the letterbox”. The wolf stuck his hand in the letterbox and the kids said “ You are not mother you are the big bad wolf Mother  has a white hoof” So the wolf went to the artist and said “ Paint my paw white like a goat.”

The next hour or so he ended up tricking the  kids to let him in but the littlest kid jumped i a bucket of coal  and the wolf ate the other 6.  The Mother goat came home and the littlest kid told the mother everything and the mother gave the wolf a SAMOAN HIDING and the 6 kids came out of the wolf’s mouth.


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