Friday, 6 September 2013


Once upon a time there lived a magical spider who was called Toby. Toby  lived in a old oak  tree.Toby always made fun of people. When they walked past he would make their pants fall down or tie their shoe laces so they can fall on the concrete. Toby did this because of all the people that stomped on spiders whack them with newspaper and kill them. He wanted revenge.

The next day Toby  saw one of his mates and said “ Hey mate what are you up too”? The other spider said ”I am just going to the shop to catch some flies. Do you want to come and get out of that old tree”? “No thanks. I love my tree”. “ Okay. It’s up to you. Think about what you are doing to people”.

So Toby’s mate went and Toby thought long and hard about what his friend said to him.  He thought that if he stopped then he said to himself...” If i keep doing this then i am hurting people”.Toby went to the shop to see his friend to thank him. When he saw his friend he said “ Thanks for the good advice. I think I will stay here instead of hurting people”.

The moral of my story was to never hurt anybody for no reason.
It helps me by not doing  things i don’t really need to do

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