Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Plane Crash

I'm hot Granddad Jake” moaned Israel. “ I know. What can I do about it” the Jake said back". “How about I ask mum and dad if we can use the jet”  Israel  said excited. “Sounds like a plan” said granddad. When Israel called his mum and dad this is what he said “ Hi Mum hi Dad I was wondering if granddad and I could use the jet to go for a plane ride to New Zealand since it is so hot here in Malaysia” mum and dad said “ Okay we will ring the pilot and he will come and pick you guys up. Okay” “Okay. Mum bye”

A few hours later the pilot came with the plane. The pilot asked for the boy’s name and he said “ Israel” “Jump on” said the pilot. The pilot asked “ So where are we going today”. “To New Zealand, Auckland please”. “ Okay off we go”. Israel and the granddad were playing games, eating and doing other fun stuff until....They felt the crash so they went to see the pilot Jershon and ask what in the world was going on. Jershon said “ The plane is crashing”.

The pilot grabbed the last parachute and jumped off leaving Israel and Jake on the plane. Jake remembered how to fly a plane because he used to be a pilot. So Jake sat in the pilot’s seat and he started to fly the plane upwards and Israel was just observing Jake flying the plane.

Israel and Jake rang mom and dad and told them everything that had happened. Mum and Dad said “ Wow that must have a journey”. “ It was. It was so awesome”.

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