Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mystery Mystery Mystery

It was just a normal at Pt England School when Room 18 was in their Literacy group.As they started their work Mr Marks was looking for good behaving kids to go on their net books. Mr Marks choose 4 girls.They were Lucy,Ariana, Khaia,,Marilyn and Me.

So we went to get our net books but guess what they were not there.”Strange i left it right here”We said to each other. We looked around the class but they nowhere to be found.So we asked Mr Marks if he knew where they were.”There in the cupboard”He said. He took us to the cupboard. But they were not there.

We looked in Room 16 and 17. But then we got an idea maybe there was a thief. So we did a check in everyone's bag that was in Mr Marks Literacy group.But was not them . We checked Room 17’s bags nothing. Our last hope was Room 16’s bag’s.

We checked and we found 5 net books in a hidden bag. “I wonder how’s bag it was can explain” she said. Tell to Mr Burt.After that we got to play on our net books.

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