Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Reading Activity Louis Sachar's

The Whale Child - by Elizabeth Pulford

Looking at the title of the story only, what do you think the story is about?
A child that had floated or been dropped so a school of whales got the baby
How does the image on the first page support the title of the story?
The whales got the child and the title is the whale child
What does the quote “all those who went with her became skeletons of the sea?
The people on the boat sunk with the ship to the bottom of the sea. The people on the boat went with the boat and then they died
What happened to the ship? What was the reason for this? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
The ship sunk because of the “Fury of the sea” the waves were like big glass towers
What does the writer mean when it says “away from the silent world, back into the arms of the raging sea”?
It is Personification because it says back into the arms of the raging sea.The sea doesn’t have arms so the author is giving the sea a action of a human. When it says “away from the silent world it means from our world?
What does it mean when is says “the fury left the sea”?
the anger left the sea
Why do you think great grandma let out a sigh as she explained the story to Hannah?  
She might have know the newborn kid or it might have been her at a younger time.
Make predictions about what you think will happen to the baby, as she is now in the care of the Whales?
The whales teach her there ways of the sea
Find and write down the two similes on page 2.
“The next morning the waves were like giant glass tower”
“and it was as dark as night
Personification describes non-living things to human characteristics.  Write down three examples from pages 2 and 3.
“Back into the arms of the raging sea.
“The next morning the waves were like giant glass tower”
away from the silent world


What does it mean when it says ‘the two of them would spout water”?
the whale will blow out of their blowhole and the kid spits the water from her mouth.
What is grandma referring to as the pointed teeth on the boat? (look at the image)
How did Hannah know that something awful was about to happen?
because it says “Then, one day” that is like a danger thing?  
What is the correct way to describe a group of whales?
A school of Whales
Why do you think Great-Grandma cried?  How did the author describe her tears?
“As the grandma spoke, her eyes filled with water, swimming and brimming with salty waves. because it brought back memories of the past
Describe what happened to the youngest whale?
“and so it was that those great teeth drove deep into the side of the youngest whale, turning the sea red”. The whale child was so upset she swam and swam until she couldn’t swim anymore. she sat on top of a rock and wrapped herself up with the seal skin that the whales had gave her to keep her warm.
What do you think Great-Grandma was talking about at the end of the story?
The great-grandma was the  whale child and she was saying that her time with the whales is over and it is time to move on and go live with them. She was the one that the great teeth the ship with spears at the bottom. The grandma must have been upset through that time telling the great grandma so she might of cut the story and said it was the end because she was getting depressed, .

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