Friday, 14 February 2014

This is My Narrative Of my Holidays

During my holidays my mum and dad sent my little sister and I to my Aunt’s out West. As we arrived at my Aunt’s house we got told he had too get the groceries. Looks like I am  looking after  my little sister I said to my self. I put the TV on for her and went outside to play on my bike. Awhile had passed and my sister got hungry so I gave her a pancake from the fridge. I went back outside to ride my bike.

Then I heard a bang. My little sister came crying outside. She was crying because she broke my Aunt’s good cup and plate. I went to have a look inside at what had happened. I told my sister “It's ok I’ll clean it up”. She said “ok”.   I started cleaning it up carefully. Then my sister wanted a drink, she trotted across the glass and she stepped on one. I tried to get it out but it was to hard. She was crying like a mad person. I told her to calm don

My Aunt got back and she was outside so my sister went to hide in the Garage. In  the end I decided to tell my Aunt the truth after all she would of found out. We called for  my sister”Atareita, Atareita”. She came out of her hiding place and said “ I'm sorry Auntie for breaking your plate and cup. It was an accident. I was playing around when I shouldn't have. I am really sorry. “It’s ok” my Auntie said. “It was a accident. So we cleaned it up together and then we had a nice lunch. That was my day at my Aunt’s place.

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