Thursday, 15 May 2014

Paige and Gloria's Telephone Cup Template

Name: Paige and Gloria

Title of experiment: Cup Telephones

(What do we want to find out?)
We want to find out who it works and which string will let us hear each other better.
Hypothesis:  (what do you think will happen?)
We think that if the string isn’t pulled tightly then there will be no sound.
The Plastic Rope will work the best

How will we find out?
(Step by step)

Step 1 : Poke a pin sized hole in the bottom of the polystyrene cup
Step 2 : Get the cotton string and thread it through the bottom of the cups.
Step 3 : Tie a bit of popsicle stick to the end of each string and put the popsicle stick in the cup.
Step 4 : One person stays in place and the other goes back until the string is pulled tightly
Step 5 : Whisper into polystyrene
Step 6 : We untied the string from the popsicle stick and tied the next bit of string which was the wool.
Step 7  : We tied the the wool to the popsicle stick
Step 8 : After testing we untied the wool and tied the plastic rope on and tested that.
What actually happened?
With the 1st string (Cotton) we found that it was quiet. If the string wasn’t pulled tight enough then we could not hear each other
With the 2nd string (Wool) it was a bit louder. The tighter the better. The looser the quieter.
With the last string (plastic rope) we could hear each other the best.

What did we learn?

What we learnt was we don’t need fancy phones to communicate except if you communicate and the person is far away then you could only hear them quietly because the vibrations can’t travel far enough.

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