Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Kiwi Kids News Articles

Aucklander Get Was Dragged Behind A Humpback Whale In Fiji
A  humpback  whale has dragged a kiwi driver behind him as the driver tried to untangle the whale from some stray fishing gear that someone  has obviously has just been dumped there by some norty fisherman in the fijian waters.
The person who tried to let  the whale free said that the knife that he was using was a blunt butter knife that was on the only one  boat.The whale could not move its tale but when it was cut free it started to swim away.
The fishing gear looked liked it had been there for a little while.The dive instructor, Mr Juppe said he knew the risks of jumping in with the 12m-long mammal.the diver also said that him and his friends saw this log under the water so sam (the one that rescued the whale) dived down and let it free from all the fishing gear.
I think that the whale is lucky to still be alive and that there is caring people out there. A  lesson for one is that you should  not dump your fishing gear in the water or if you see any to pick it up  because that might happen again and it could die next time.

Last Cuppa For Tea Party Chimp @ Auckland Zoo
Janie who was know in as the tea party chimp sadly passed away at the age of 60 with a multiple health issues.
Janie had been at Auckland zoo since 1956 as she started off at London zoo with some other chimpanzee and they were doing tea parties for the public.
Members and staff at Auckland zoo loved Janie for her personalty and were sad when they heard that she passed away.
Janies health problems were asthma and diabetes.Janie was one of the oldest chimpanzee in all of the zoos in the world.

Tour Bus Washed Away @ 90 Mile Beach

12 tourists got more than they thought while on a bus tour at 90 in New Zealand. A nasty shock it was for them.
The bus they were travelling on was swept out to sea at around 1pm on Tuesday while driving on 90 mile beach.
All 12 tourists and the bus driver got out of the bus quickly and safely. There were no major injuries or damage to the passengers. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the bus, which was pulled out of the water at the Bluff at around 4pm.
Although I’m sure this is not what the tourists on the bus expected, I’m sure they won’t forget their trip to 90 mile beach.

Jump Jam National Finals

On the 16th of November a group of Aquinas to be Jump Jam Champions traveled from Tauranga all the way to Auckland for the National jump jam completion!
Jump jam is an aerobic exercise similar to Zumba but it’s mixed with dancing so while you’re jumping up and down you have to have a big smile and lots of attitude on your face.
Also for Jump jam you have to design your very own costume based on your song.  For Aquinas’ Party rock anthem they had everyone in different costumes, there was the two main guys, rocker girls and a construction worker.
And guess what? They won the best costume prize out of everyone doing Jump Jam. They looked amazing!
After rocking the stage through their whole song they came out with huge gold trophies and all got rewarded with their own medal. Lucky them.
Jump Jam is great it’s fun; it’s a great way to keep fit and to be with your friends.

Unbeatable Selfie?

London photographer, Lee Thompson, has stunned the world with his dedication to taking the world’s best selfie.
Lee believes he has now captured the “unbeatable selfie”, after snapping a pic at the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer statue.
Lee filmed his 25 minute climb up the inside of the 38m high monument, which sits atop Brazil’s 700m high Corcovado mountain.
The photographer was in Rio de Janeiro, covering the World Cup and convinced the Brazilian Tourist Board to allow him and a colleague to climb the statue.
The two men, along with two high-wire workmen, entered through scaffolding on the statue’s feet and then crawled in circles up 12 flights of rickety stairs in darkness.
Lee says it felt like the stairs were getting “narrower with every step” before they finally reached the small compartment in the statue’s shoulder.
He then used a rope to pull himself up the smooth soapstone into the head of the statue where he opened the hatch to the outside.
Lee describes the view from the top as incredible and says that it was the most fun selfie he has ever taken and one of his favourite photos ever.

Switched at Birth

A court case in South Africa has recently opened to decide the fate of two children who were accidently switched at birth.
In 2010, two girls were given to the wrong mothers when they were both born on the 2nd of August at a Boksburg hospital near Johannesburg.
The mix-up was discovered when a blood test at the doctors revealed that the child in question was not related to the woman raising her.
After contacting the hospital, which confirmed the mix-up, the mother got in contact with the family who was raising her biological daughter and announced that she would like to take the child.
However, the other mother has refused to switch back, stating that she has raised the other child for almost 4 years and considers her as her own daughter, despite no blood relation.
Since the two mothers cannot agree on which is the best course of action, they have ended up in court battling for custody.
It is unknown where either child’s father currently is and the court’s prime concern is what is best for the children involved.
However, what is best remains a mystery. On one hand, some believe that the children should be returned to their biological mothers, whilst others believe that removing a child from a home it has known for 4 years will only cause her distress and confusion by making her live with someone she does not know.

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