Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Reading Task for the Week W5

Kiwi kids news - Week 5

1. What caused flights in and out of Darwin, Australia to be cancelled last weekend?
• a. a volcanic eruption in Indonesia
• b. an electrical fire burned down the main terminal
• c. thick fog blanketed the city

2. What controversial tourist attraction proposal has been rejected by Conservation Minister Nick Smith?
• a. a gondola on Mt Taranaki
• b. a monorail in Fiordland
• c. a thermal water park at the base of Mt Ruapehu in the central North Island

3. Of which political party is Laila Harre the new leader?
• a. The Green Party
• b. The ACT Party
• c. The Internet-Mana Party

4. An 85-year-old man was seriously injured while walking along the coastal walkway in New Plymouth last weekend. What caused his injuries?
• a. he was swept over rocks by a large wave
• b. a family on a four-person hire bike crashed into him
• c. he was attacked by a seal

5. Pope Francis has been praised for his historic visit to the city of Jerusalem. In what  part of the world is Jerusalem?
• a. Eastern Europe
• b. The Middle East
• c. North Africa

6. What was found at Rarotonga Airport that has officials worried?
• a. black widow spiders
• b. hatched tiger snake eggs
• c. asian tiger mosquitoes

7. Which airline has had their computer systems hacked recently by fraudsters?
• a. Jetstar
b. Air NZ
c. Qantas

8. True or false, the Nigerian military is claiming that they know where the kidnapped Nigerian students are being held? TRUE

9. A group of school children in Hungary have broken the world record for the tallest tower made of Lego. How tall do you think it was?
• a. the height of a two-storey building
• b. the height of a four-storey building
• c. the height of an eight-storey building
• d. the height of an eleven-storey building

10.Which district is pushing to become New Zealand’s first official bilingual district?
• a. Rotorua
b. Whangarei
c. Gisborne

11.In what sport has English player Jonny Wilkinson announced his retirement?
• a. Cricket
• b. Football (Soccer)
• c. Rugby

12.What was the controversy surrounding the Wellington Fashion show this year?
• a. it was criticised for having models that were too young
• b. a lot of the fashion labels had pulled out because of poor organisation
• c. some of the models have claimed that they weren’t paid the money they were expecting or weren’t paid at all

13.Whose toothbrush has recently sold for over $12,000?
• a. George Clooney
• b. An astronaut who flew to the moon
• c. Barack Obama

14.What caused a recent train crash in Wellington?
• a. a landslide had blocked the track and the driver couldn’t stop in time
• b. the train brakes had failed which meant it overran the track and hit a barrier
• c. someone had abandoned their car on the lines outside a rail tunnel

15.Paperwork has been filed to have a breed of dog officially recognised as New Zealand’s first ever dog breed. What breed of dog is it?
• a. huntaway
• b. border collie
• c. labrador

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