Sunday, 3 May 2015

Happy Birthday!!!

Image result for waffles with fresh berriesDuring my long weekend something exciting happened. It was my Aunt's 21st birthday. We all woke up and then we started singing happy birthday to her. We made our way into the kitchen to see what was for breakfast this special day. Wow what a surprise it was. In front of us was plates with three waffles and fresh berries.  As we sat down my mum poured hot cocoa into each cup. I had a little sip and it was delicious.

After breakfast we all meet in the lounge and we told my Aunt to go and get ready. She did not know what for but she did it anyway. We all started talking about where we could take her out for lunch. We looked around the room and then I said “ Why don’t we go to Valentines”. Everybody seemed to agree. So it was settled we were going to Valentines.

I got ready and went to go and see my Aunt. She was dressed in a velvet red dress with red high heels. We all hopped into the two cars and made or way to Valentines. When we arrived, we all hopped out of the car and made our way inside. My Aunt said “ What are we doing here?” I replied “ We are here for lunch”.

As we gathered inside a waiter came and said that when we are hungry we can help ourselves to the ‘all you can eat buffet’. The kids had a table at the end and we all went up and got some food. Once all the kids had food the adults went up and got their food. As soon everybody had finished eating we had a cake made for her that was brought to the table.
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We all sung Happy birthday and ate the cake. It was delicious. It was a chocolate mud cake with M'n'Ms on top. After that whole thing we all went back home and watched tv. We all enjoyed the day and we thought that it was awesome.

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