Tuesday, 12 May 2015

My First Netball Game Of 2015

Tonight was my first netball game of the season for 2015. Our team was on court 21 and we were versing Reremoana Mystics. Our team went to our court and we started warming up. For our warm up we ran around the court five times. Then we did our stretches and then some ball passes.

Image result for netball ballWhen the game was about to start Mary went to go and do paper scissors rock with the other person from the team. The person that wins gets to chose either the goal they want or they can have the ball for the first center.

Mary had won and she chose the goal. The timer went off and the game had started. It was the other teams ball and then passed it. Mary intercepted it and passed it to me. We gave it to Dj and she shot the ball. Dj got 5 shots after that. The bell for half time rang. We huddled up and got back on the court. We played the next half super well. At the end we looked at the score. We were so surprised that we had won 12 - 5 to us.

Image result for purple stormWe did our cheers and high fived our opponents. We took off our bibs and handed it in. We all went home. It was an amazing first game. Well Done Year 8 Storm

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